Covides gives the opportunity of a job during the grape harvest to a total of 38 people, with the collaboration of Actua SCCL

During the 2020 grape harvest, despite the difficulties added by COVID and the bad year the harvest had due to mildew, a total of 38 people were able to work, 17 of whom were young ex-guardians. Of these 17 young people, 13 were young people without work permits who, thanks to the new royal decree within the agricultural sector, have been allowed to work.


The young people with whom Actua works are at a social disadvantage compared to the youth group, due to lack of training, experience, stimulation, support in the family home and associated difficulties. These situations have a great impact on the future of these young people, and can only be possible thanks to the goodwill of the people who lead companies that generate opportunities. Part of the Social Responsibility of Covides is to be able to offer the opportunity of both work and training to young people and other groups in situations of vulnerability. This provides empowerment and experience with the different young people from ACTUA SCCL.


On the other hand, we are very happy to be able to say that we have different common projects to be able to continue working, at the moment we are proposing to be able to do different joint trainings in pruning, tractor driver as well as to continue working with the different specific agricultural campaigns of the territory.