Important Services information

In relation to the current epidemiological situation regarding Coronavirus, from Covides Bodegas-ViƱedos we want to inform you that, following the company's security protocol, we are anticipating a series of measures to ensure service to our customers.

In this way, and to the extent that the recommendations and instructions of the local and international health authorities allow, operations will not be interrupted and we will keep the workplace open during its normal hours.

We inform you that, as of today, there is no employee or family member of an employee who has tested positive for Coronavirus. Likewise, we inform you that, for days now, an internal contingency protocol has been implemented that includes, among other measures, the following:

Measures in relation to Employees

  • Limitation of any type of travel both to the national territory and outside of Spain.
  • Limitation to what is strictly necessary of face-to-face meetings between company employees.
  • Activation of telework for jobs that by their nature allow it.
  • In loading and unloading activities, employees are instructed to maintain a minimum safety meter with the drivers of the vehicles, if they get out of the vehicles.
  • Obligation to immediately report any symptoms that may be related to Coronavirus or any knowledge of having been in contact with a possible infected person.

Third Party Access to Our Facilities

  • Absolute restriction of face-to-face meetings with clients, suppliers, and collaborators, both in the workplace and outside.
  • Absolute suspension of all visits to the winery.

Relationship with Suppliers and Collaborators

  • We are in continuous contact with external providers who provide us with critical services and in turn provide them to our clients (suppliers, consultants, transport, etc.) and have their contingency protocols in turn activated and guarantee minimum services.

Cleaning and Hygiene

  • Reinforcement of the usual cleaning procedure, incorporating greater disinfection means to guarantee the prevention in all parts of the warehouse.
  • Reinforcement of all the necessary hygiene material to prevent contagion (we have a sufficient stock of disinfecting gels and gloves to carry out their usual tasks).

As this situation is very changing, we will update our protocols as necessary, always with the aim of continuing to provide the best service to our clients, but also with the civic responsibility that we believe it is incumbent on us to have now at all times.

We appreciate your understanding and invite you to contact us at 93.817 25 52 option 3 or email and if you need any additional information.